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Ohio Marriage License Info

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The Lowdown on Getting an Ohio Marriage License

Getting married in Ohio is just about the same as getting married anywhere else. There are some specific rules that are a little bit different in Ohio, but the underlying structure of how the Ohio marriage license actually works is just about the same as you will see in most states.

When you are applying for an Ohio marriage license, it is worthwhile to note that you do not actually have to live in Ohio. However, if you want to get married in a certain county, that needs to be the county where you apply to get the marriage license. Once you have received the marriage license there is no waiting period for conducting the wedding. Each Ohio marriage license is good for 60 days after which you need to apply again for the license.

When you apply for an Ohio marriage license, you do need to bring certain documents along to give to the person processing your application. You need some sort of Government Issue identification such as a driver’s license or passport. In addition to that, you need to give them your social security number. In the event that one of the partners is widowed or divorced, proof of the end date for the marriage needs to be provided as well. At the same time that you are handing in those pieces of information, you also need to pay a fee of around $50 in cash or money order depending on the county.

The Ohio marriage license covers all conventional marriages and all common law marriages that date to before October 10, 1991. In all other cases, the Ohio marriage license does not apply. That means that the state does not legally recognize any covenant marriages, proxy marriages, cousin marriages or same sex marriages. Ohio marriage licenses can be obtained for weddings for people under the age of 18, although such cases may require parental consent and/or court order depending on the specific case involved.

If you are interested in getting a copy of your Ohio marriage license or certificate of marriage due to a lost, stolen or damaged document, you can contact the Ohio Bureau of Vital Statistics. They are part of the state Department of Health and can provide you with both of those documents should you need them. The marriage license can also be recreated at the office that issued the original for an additional fee on top of what was paid the first time around.
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